How Are You Doing?

How are ya? S’up? Watcha doin? How’s it goin? We have all heard these and many more every day since we can remember. How do you answer? “Fine”, “Good”, “Great”, “Awesome”, “Not so hot”… Depends on who is asking, right? You would answer the clerk at the local convenience store a whole lot differently than you would your therapist!!! (Or your local bartender, if that’s your therapist!)

Only half joking with that last statement. But it brings me to my topic today. How are you doing, today? Mental illness and addiction runs rampant throughout our country. I would fathom to guess that there is not one household in the United States that isn’t or hasn’t been affected by mental illness or addiction.

I remember when addiction was first discussed and it was called an illness and how incredibly angry everyone got, “because you can control it”. I remember heated discussions about it. Funny, not funny, if we were to look at that time period, that is when oxy and other drugs were being pushed by the pharmaceutical companies as evidenced by whistle blowers that have documented proof of exactly that.

Mental illness was not discussed or studied; it was swept under the carpet, lest someone should find out! I remember when Patty Duke came out to discuss her bi-polar diagnosis. She was one of the first people I remember bringing light to the subject.

I am grateful we have come so far from “hiding” and scrutinizing and blaming and shaming. We are one unit. What affects one of us, affects all of us. I have 3 grown children and 2 of them are addicts and are not in recovery. I pray everyday for their strength to find the reason to fight everyday to say no and stay sober.

Today, I ask you, how are you doing? Is there anything I can do to help? Do you need to talk or do you need prayer? I’ll be more than willing to listen. Today, pray for your loved ones that need mind and body strength, pray for my boys when you think about it. Today, let’s support each other.

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