How Sugar Hides

When I was growing up and medical conditions were just being talked about, sugar diabetes was coming up daily. Notice today, it is just called “diabetes”. The sugar industry has known how toxic their product is. They didn’t want the public knowing.

Now that we have discovered how horrible sugar is for us, in the amounts that are in our food, they have to hide it under different names. Don’t get me wrong. We have to eat some sugar as it is part of whole foods. That is the best kind of sugar because is also comes with fiber which slows down the absorption of sugar into our blood stream.

Let’s distinguish between sugars. Glucose can be absorbed and utilized by almost every cell in the body. While fructose is absorbed almost entirely in the liver. Study after study shows harmful affects of high fructose corn syrup consumption on the body. They include: These include insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver and type 2 diabetes. Although eating any extra sugar should be avoided, it is especially important to minimize your intake of added sugars that are high in fructose.

Companies use many names to hide sugar in foods. Again, this is not about avoiding all sugar. We can’t and shouldn’t try to do that. Just get it from the right sources: fruits and whole natural foods such as honey, maple syrup, applesauce and more.

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