No Diet Day

Do you realize the first three letters in the word diet are DIE. How many “diets” have you ever tried. Really, take a second and truly think about every diet you’ve tried. Name them. How did they work for you?

Many times we get great results for about 3 or 4 months and things stop happening. That’s because our bodies were built to do 3 things very efficiently: GROW, ADAPT, CHANGE. When you made a change in your “diet”, your body adapted by shedding weight. As time progressed, your body adapted to the change and made changes to slow down. Then you didn’t make any further changes and most likely you gave up.

This happens again and again and each time your body slows down it’s metabolism to be ready for the next thing coming. As soon as your body adapts to your new routine, it’s time to change it again. Now that doesn’t mean a brand new start. It just means a change in some area of nutrition or exercise or both. Not a complete overhaul. A small change. Perhaps alternating more low carb days, adding more resistance or a few more minutes of cardio.

Continual small changes in your routine will keep your body guessing at what is coming next and will stay ready for the next change. By consistently changing what you do to your body and how you feed it, you will never diet again.

Need some ideas to keep your body guessing, leave a comment and let’s talk. Want to take a 5 day detox challenge and see what quick losses you can achieve? Join the challenge and maybe win money!

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